Meet TURBACoat™: the ultimate in performance eyewear lens technology.

100% UV Resistant, Shatterproof and Drop Dead Gorgeous.

TURBACoat™ is a proprietary system blending anti-glare acrylic coating with a filtered polycarbonate base.

Traditional eyewear lenses are made up of multiple thin layers of acrylic.

The result: dust and other microparticles get caught in between layers during manufacturing, leading to impurities and visual distortion.

We like to do things a little bit differently.

By using a single piece of filtered polycarbonate, TURBA lenses offer unbeatable optical clarity.

It's this filtration process, mixed with the fact that polycarbonate is a single thick layer as opposed to several thin layers, that makes all the difference.

No dust.

No imperfections.

Just crisp, undistorted vision.

When topped with a single layer of TURBACoat™, TURBA lenses beat back glare without the optical distortion you're used to with regular lenses.

They also offer unparalleled protection. Polycarbonate is the material used in space suits and bulletproof glass, and offers complete UV400 protection.

Put differently, they keep your eyes safe - in any scenario.




It's the TURBACoat™ difference.