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Where Art Meets Science.

Performance Focused. Design Driven. At TURBA, we believe there's more to cycling eyewear than some fancy tech. We're commited to blending first class lens and frame technology with truly breath-taking designs.

It's not a choice between art and science: It's a wholehearted embrace of both.

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Be defiant

When you're buying a pair of TURBAs, you're not just buying a pair of glasses.

You're saying NO to multibillion dollar eyewear monopolies that control the performance eyewear market.

By shopping with TURBA, you're supporting a small, 100% family owned brand, with a commitment to providing gorgeous cycling eyewear at truly affordable prices.

Be a rebel.

Join the revolution.

Community Focused

TURBA's more than just a performance eyewear brand. We're a family. And our family is growing bigger every day. TURBA is committed to collaborating with training groups and teams to help deepen our ties to the sporting community.

In charge of a club or training group?

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TURBA strives to provide the best customer experience possible. If you're unsatisfied with your order we offer easy exchanges for all domestic and international orders within 30 days of delivery.

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